Get Rid of Insecurity

(Let podcast upload for 1 minute) We can ruin our lives and other’s lives by holding on to sin and insecurity. People with insecurity feel jealous, unconfident, fearful and become self-serving, watching to make sure no one offends or hurts them. Secure people can forgive, encourage and move forward the way God wishes for their lives. He gives peace, hope and a future. Why would we ever want to hold on to our past when God can give us and support us to have a future.

Boundaries-Givers, Takers and People Pleasers

(Let it load for 15 seconds) Boundaries were created by God to keep us safe. God gave us boundaries in His Word and Jesus executed boundaries on this earth. We are to emulate Jesus and follow the Bible. That means that if we are serving man and not God, we are people pleasing. The Bible has many things to say about people pleasers. We are to firmly keep our boundaries, not rescuing and helping others not making them dependent on us. God will help us with this.

To download, see “Treasures from God’s Word” on iTunes.

God’s Gems: Esther- God ALWAYS Wins In the End!

(After clicking ‘play’, begins in 15 seconds)  A king over 127 provinces. A humble, Jewish orphan in exile, raised by her cousin. Who would even begin to believe that they could connect in some way. But they did. She wins the beauty contest and becomes the Queen of Persia, second in command of the huge dynasty.  All, designed by God, so she could save her people from the old villain, the prime minister, Haman. It is an amazing story. But it is written for us so we will understand how the events of this story may reoccur in the future. All these stories are given for lessons we need to learn.

Workshop: Teaching Church Children-Connecting and Establishing Guidelines

When we are entrusted to teach the little children that come to our churches, we are to represent Christ to them, inspire them and train them to be disciples. It is important to realize that the experience they have at the hands of church members will impact them for a lifetime. Children love to be loved and taught. Here are tips to connect with them and establish safe boundaries and guidelines.

Fathers And The Legacy They Leave

Research shows that men impact their offspring more than women when it comes to living a spiritual life. There are Bible characters that were faithful fathers and those who were neglectful. The time put into your child is invaluable and will impact the generations to come.

Stand Up By the Pool

We are all sick, and we all need healing. Too many times we go to the wrong place and person to get our healing and we need to go directly to God. No matter who we are, what we have done or where we are, God finds us and wants to heal us. Praise God!

Do You Have a Thinking Problem?

Most of us spend to much time thinking about the past when God has given us a future. This audio will help us to recognize the poor patterns that we traumatize ourselves with and urge us to think as God would have us think. God has promised to give us a future, help us with self-control and yet we still keep clinging to the past. This should empower us to see our lives as God sees them.

Praising God With Gratefulness

Happiness, joy, all come when we serve others with love. We actually have to cultivate gratefulness because our humanness likes to focus on negative events and thoughts, promoted by the devil. Learn about how people cultivate gratefulness in their lives, some ideas on how to stay grateful and feel better emotionally and physically, which is what is God’s plan for His Children.

God’s Gems: A Love Story, Lessons from Ruth

(Allow 15 seconds to load) God loves each one of us and He took care of a formerly, heathen woman  and made her the line to His Son.  This story encourages us that when there is so much evil between a man and a woman, God will bring the best out of them when they are submitted to Him.

God’s Gems: Jochebed, Thinking Out of the Box

(Takes 15 seconds to download) Can you imagine being a slave and not being afraid of your captors? Can you imagine thinking that your child could actually be a deliverer of many slaves?  Jochebed really thought out of the box, she was diligent, wise, and she was blessed by God. Listen to this exciting podcast and see what lessons the Lord has for you too.

God’s Gems: Mary and Martha, Dearly Distracted

(Takes 15 seconds to load) Jesus loved Mary and Martha. Jesus loved them just as much as He loved the men in his life. Martha was a gracious host. And Mary was not doing her duties to host Jesus and His friends. She was just sitting and listening to Jesus instead. And yet, Jesus said one of them was distracted and it wasn’t Mary. Listen to this wonderful Bible story of Mary, Martha and Jesus.

God’s Gems: Hagar, When Nobody Knows Your Name

(Takes 15 seconds to load) It is never pleasant to have two women share the same man. Especially a slave woman who gives the husband his first child. Hagar is known as the ‘that Egyptian woman’ and is not loved as much as Sarah.  She is bitter about it and mistreats Sarah. But God hears the heart of even a slave woman. This is a wonderful story of God’s love for even those who feel unloved.

Bullying, Be An Upstander for Jesus

(Takes 15 seconds to load) We hear all about bullying in schools across our nation. But there is bullying, not only in schools, but in our communities, in our churches, in our meetings, workplace and even in our homes. Bullying was recorded by God in the Bible for us to learn about. God has much to say about how we treat one another.

Christians in Crisis

(Takes 15 seconds to load) It seems so unfair that people have to suffer, even Christians who are serving God. Why do bad things happen? Why must we endure? Is God punishing us? Can’t God stop the problems and just take us to heaven? Are the things that happen caused by God punishing us? All these questions are answered in this presentation to a church in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.